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Health Protocols

Find out what current health and safety protocols will be in place at the theatre for your upcoming show.

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Find out what current health and safety protocols will be in place at the theatre for your upcoming show.

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General Venue Information

You may visit our theater information page here. More information may also be found on the venue’s website.

Eccles Theater box office is open from Mon-Fri: 10am – 6pm Sat: 10am – 2pm

We understand emergencies arise. Please contact the Eccles Theater at 801-355-2787 to see how we can assist you.

Parking for the Eccles Theater is ample with nearly 1,000 stalls available in the Regent Street Parking garage directly east of the theater and about 5,000 more at the nearby City Creek Center.

Detailed information about parking may be found at our Visit page.

Unfortunately, the Eccles Theater does not offer valet parking. Please allow extra time to park your vehicle and get to the theater!

For the safety and security of our patrons and performers, the Eccles Theater does not allow bags or backpacks larger than 12 inches by 12 inches by 6 inches into Delta Performance Hall or the Regent Street Black Box.  Eccles Theater does not have check-in areas or lockers for bags that are over the size limit, so please plan ahead.  There are exceptions for medical equipment or diaper bags.


More information on this link.

Night of Show FAQs

There is no specific dress code. Most people enjoy dressing up to go to the theater, and some events such as opening nights will draw a dressier crowd, but for theatrical performances you will see people in everything from casual to formal wear.

We recommend that you arrive at the venue at least 45 minutes before the performance to allow plenty of time to park and get seated. Theater doors open for seating 1 hour prior to the start of the show.

Please arrive on time out of courtesy for the performers and your fellow audience members. Arriving late may result in seating holds or alternate seating within the theater. Admission or re-admission of latecomers is ultimately subject to the producers’ discretion and guidelines for each individual show.

Food and drinks are sold in the lobby before shows and during intermission.

Tin Angel at the Eccles: Tin Angel, Salt Lake’s hip Farm-to-Table bistro with an eclectic menu of European dishes, is a full-service restaurant offering a full wine and cocktail menu. For more information and reservations:


The Eccles Theater allows food and drinks inside the auditorium, for most shows; only food and drinks purchased at our concessions stands is allowed in the seating area.  Please be considerate when unwrapping and enjoying your snacks.

For most shows, merchandise may be sold in the lobby prior to the show and during intermission.

Seating Questions

View our seating charts here:

Eccles Theater

A full list of accessible services for the venue may be found here.

Limited View seats generally have a partial view of the stage due to the viewing angle in the theater. Obstructed View seats have a partially blocked view of the stage due to objects such as columns, railings, or sound equipment. To inquire about Limited or Obstructed View seats, subscribers please call us at 801-355-5502, all others 801-355-ARTS (2787).

Buying Tickets

Broadway at the Eccles strongly urges all patrons to purchase through the following authorized ticketing outlets:

  • In person at the ticket offices of the Eccles Theater, Abravanel Hall, Capitol Theater, or the Rose.
  • By phone at 801-355-ARTS (2787)
  • Online at or, open 24/7/365
  • Ticket office and phone hours: Monday – Friday from 10 to 6, Saturdays from 10 to 2.

On-sale dates vary by show. The best way to be notified when shows go on sale is to join our eCLUB, which you may sign up for here.

Please visit our Shows page for general information about our upcoming productions.

A full list of accessible services for the venue may be found here.

You sure can! Individual show tickets are available in person at the following location[s]:

The Eccles Theater Box Office

131 S. Main St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


Subscribers – Broadway at the Eccles Administrative Office is located at 610 East South Temple Suite #20, Salt Lake City, Utah 84102 and open from Mon-Fri: 9am – 5pm.


Walk-up sales on the night of the show are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

Lottery and rush ticket policies vary between productions and are often not determined until the day the show premieres. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter or call us at 801-355-2787 for more information. If an in-person lottery or rush has been announced, please note that seating is always subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.


Our eCLUB is a free electronic mailing list that gets you access to advance offers for select local Broadway shows BEFORE they go on sale to the public! You may also receive priority offers and discounts to other live entertainment events in your area, plus monthly eNewsletters and special offers from Broadway in New York City. Join our eCLUB here!

Please call our National eCLUB Service Line at 866.880.9572 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm ET / 8am – 4pm PT), or email us at

All sales are final and refunds cannot be given.

To update email preferences, please click here and submit the email address attached to your account. You will receive an email notification with more instructions.

Gift Certificates

Unfortunately, Broadway Across America does not offer gift certificates in your market. Gift certificates may be purchased through the theater here. Please note that gift certificates for other organizations cannot be redeemed for any purchases through Broadway Across America.

Ticketing Questions

If your tickets were misplaced or destroyed and you purchased them through an authorized ticket source (Broadway at the Eccles, Eccles Theater, Arttix, or an affiliated SLC Arts and Culture box office), a record of your sales transaction exists and we could accommodate you. Please contact your point of purchase as soon as possible to verify your options for replacement tickets.

We understand that emergencies happen. Unfortunately, we are not able to honor unused tickets for a missed performance. No refunds can be given for past performances.

In the unlikely event that a performance is cancelled, Broadway at the Eccles and will inform customers via phone, email, or mail with information regarding the ticketing policy. Ticket holders are encouraged to return to their original point of purchase for more information.


In cases of inclement weather, we strongly recommend that patrons travel safely and allow plenty of time to arrive at the theater. During inclement weather, updates will be posted on our Facebook and Twitter pages and on the Broadway at the Eccles homepage.

We advise all customers to contact their original point of sale.

Subscribers contact: 801-355-5502 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm) or email us at

Single Ticket Buyers: 801-355-ARTS (2787)

You may also contact Eccles Theater directly here.

Lucky Seat offers a limited number of tickets for certain performances to winners of a random drawing. More information about Lucky Seat and a list of current drawings may be found here.

Please reach out to Lucky Seat directly by emailing

Broadway at the Eccles requires that every person, regardless of age, must have a ticket. No children under the age of 4 are permitted in the theatre.  Age recommendations vary by production. Please visit our Shows page for performance descriptions and age recommendations.

All ticket donation requests must be made on organization letterhead. You can request a donation by emailing or sending a letter of request to:

Broadway at the Eccles

610 East South Temple, Suite 20

Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Website Issues

In order to utilize our Interactive Seat Map, it may be required to update or install Adobe Flash Player on your web browser.

Directions for installation:

Buying New Subscriptions

A season ticket package—or subscription—allows you to purchase the same number of tickets for every show in our main package. Whenever possible, your performances will fall on a set day of the week and time, and you will also have the same seat assignment for each show. More information about subscriptions and benefits can be found here.

Please visit our Season page for more information about season ticket holder benefits.

Season tickets usually go on sale (March – May) after we announce the season lineup. To be notified when subscriptions become available, you may sign up for our waiting list here.

Please note that the tickets include a per ticket fee of $15.50, and premium tickets include a $75 fee per ticket.

Premium subscribers receive all the convenience of season tickets, premium seating locations, and additional benefits exclusive to Premium subscribers. For more information about subscriptions and benefits, please visit our Season page.

New and renewing subscribers have the option to take part in our interest-free Payment Plan when buying a season ticket package! Opting into the Payment Plan splits the total price of your season package into multiple installments, which we automatically charge to your card at no additional cost. For more information, please call us at 801-355-5502, (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm MST).

Renewing Subscriptions

Renewals for each season usually begin in the first quarter of each year (January – March). Once the new season is announced, you will have until the renewal deadline to pay for your tickets by logging into your online account, calling us at 801-355-5502, mailing your renewal to the address on your invoice, or bringing your invoice in person to our offices at 610 East South Temple #20, SLC, UT 84102

Automatic Renewal is an optional program that makes it easy to keep your seats year after year! When we announce the next season, you won’t need to take any action – we will automatically renew your same seats using the card on file. Automatic Renewal subscribers are still able to opt into our interest-free Payment Plan and will receive an invitation to participate in upgrades after the renewal period ends. If you would like to sign up, please call us at 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm.


Please note – a valid email address is required to participate in Automatic Renewal.

In an effort to make sure that you are notified of your season ticket renewal, you will receive multiple notices about renewing your seats. Once the deadline has passed your seats will be released to other subscribers, so please make sure to renew on time!

If you have missed the renewal deadline but would still like to subscribe, please call us as soon as possible at 801-355-5502, (Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm MST).

Exchanging and Adding Tickets

This is one of the best benefits of becoming a Salt Lake City Season Subscriber! If you are unable to attend your scheduled performance, you may exchange into another performance of the same production. You may also exchange or upgrade into new seats for the same performance.


Unfortunately, comparable seating cannot always be guaranteed. Tickets must be exchanged two business days before your regularly scheduled performance and by Friday at 5:00 pm for Sunday performances. The difference must be paid if exchanging into a higher priced performance or seat location. Your subscriber pricing, if applicable, will be honored if you exchange your tickets. However, when exchanging from a lower to a higher-priced performance or into premium seating, the price difference must be collected when processing the exchange. Exchanges may only be made for a different performance of the same show.

We apologize if there is a show in your season that you cannot make or have already seen; however, we are unable to offer you a refund on those tickets. Bear in mind that one of your subscriber benefits is the ability to exchange into another performance of the same show. Contact us at 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm.


If there is a show in another one of our markets that you would like to see, we may also be able to help through our City-to-City exchange program! Please note that all City-to-City exchanges must be completed at least two weeks prior to your original performance date. Please call 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm for further information.

Once additional tickets and exchanges become available for subscribers, you may add tickets online, over the phone (801-355-5502), or in-person (610 East South Temple, Suite #20, SLC, UT  84102).

Although the exact time varies from season to season, additional tickets and exchanges are usually offered to subscribers in late spring or early summer, before the shows go on sale to the general public. We will send you an email notification with more information once additional tickets and exchanges become available.

Season Options/Specials are not part of the main package and are sold to subscribers on a first-come, first-serve basis, so we cannot guarantee your usual seats for them. Bear in mind that these shows often play for shorter runs or have different schedules than main package shows.


Tickets are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Broadway Across America makes ordering tickets for family, friends, and colleagues in a different city easy. Please call our subscriber hotline at 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm and our representatives will be able to assist you with the purchase. For a list of cities within the Broadway Across America network visit

General Subscription Questions

We understand that emergencies happen. If an extenuating circumstance arose and you were unable to make the necessary exchange arrangements prior to the show, please contact Broadway at the Eccles as soon as possible at 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm. During the weekend, you can visit the Broadway representative at the Eccles Theater Box Office. No refunds can be offered for past shows, and we will not be able to make accommodations after a show’s final performance.

If your subscription tickets have been misplaced or destroyed, contact Salt Lake City at 801-355-5502, M-F 9am-5pm or as soon as possible to request a reprint.

You may call us at 801-355-5502 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm) or reach us via email at If you prefer to send written communication, please mail to:

Broadway at the Eccles

610 East South Temple #20

SLC, UT 84102

If you wish to purchase accessible seats for a subscription, please call us at 801-355-5502 (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm). A full list of accessible services for the venue may be found here.

Splitting or transferring subscriber accounts can be done if the current account holder makes this request in writing. You just need to send us a message by mail or email that lists the following:

  • Your name and account number
  • The exact seat(s) that you wish to transfer
  • Your friend’s complete information (name, mailing address, phone number, and email address)
  • Written permission for us to transfer your seats


You may send this as an email to, or via standard mail to our office at 610 East South Temple #20 SLC, UT 84102. Please be sure to send transfer requests well before the renewal deadline! Once new accounts have been created only the new account holders will be able to manage their tickets.

Subscriptions may be cancelled and refunded in full so long as the request is received prior to the mailing of season tickets. If you have already received your tickets, you will receive the full refund of the cost of tickets minus handling fees – please note that cancelling a subscription will void the barcodes on your tickets. Cancellation requests must be emailed to or mailed to:

610 East South Temple #20

SLC, UT 84102.

For a full list of Terms and Conditions, please visit this page.

During the renewal period, you may call us at (801) 355-5502 to see if there are any options for changing your seats. Bear in mind that our inventory may be limited or unavailable at this time.


Several weeks after the renewal deadline, all renewed subscribers will receive an email invitation to log in and browse options for subscription upgrades. Keep in mind that upgrades are possible only when seats become available through cancellations, meaning better seats may not be available in your desired performance day and time. You will retain your current seats if there are no upgrade opportunities that meet your needs.


IMPORTANT: You must have a valid email address to receive notifications about upgrades. Please add to your safe senders list so you do not miss any emails from us.

Website Issues

If you are receiving an error message, please call us at (801) 355-5502 or email for assistance.

If you have forgotten your password, go to “Subscriptions” and then click on “Forgot Password” and enter the email address associated with your account. A temporary password will be emailed to you – click on the link provided in the email and enter your new password.  If you do not have an account or password, or do not know the email address registered to your account, please contact our customer service hotline at (801) 355-5502.


If you know your password but need to change it, enter your email address and click on “Forgot Password” and follow the instructions above.

To update your personal information, log into your account here. Then on the right-hand side of the page, click “Manage Your Account”, and the information page will appear. Save your changes.

APP Instructions

To transfer tickets, click send to a friend and fill out the information

Tickets will be send via email from Please add to your safe sender list.

Groups Pricing

The group minimum usually ranges from 10 to 15 people. Please visit our Groups page here for more information on individual productions and their policies.

Special group rates are available on select performances, price levels, and engagements and generally range from 10% – 20% off per ticket. The size of your group can also affect the discount you receive – larger groups may be eligible for more of a discount.

Tickets may be subjected to a per-ticket Group Sales and Facility fee.  Additional fees may apply for online Group Sales orders or added-value special events.

Many shows do offer a special rate to student and senior groups. Please call your group sales manager at 801-703-2057 or email Chris Schneider to discuss the various options available to your group.

Early Bird pricing, if available, has a steeper group discount on select performances and price levels. Early Bird payments are typically due prior to the show’s public on-sale date (generally 8 weeks prior to opening night). Should you require more seats after the Early Bird deadline has passed, we may be able to honor the same rate depending on the performance.

Purchasing Group Tickets

Group clients may reserve tickets in advance and will be invoiced for their seats to allow time to collect funds from group members. Our Group Sales Department can give you more details on the payment options upon reservation. When purchasing an Express Group, if available, full payment is due at time of checkout.

Not at all! We understand some group members will love an up close and personal experience while others prefer a balcony of terrace view. No matter where you are located, your group is sure to have a wonderful time. As long as the minimum group amount of tickets is met, your group may spread out throughout the theater in various price levels, rows and sections.

Group clients may reserve their seats in advance and will be invoiced for their seats to allow you time to collect funds from your group members. Our group sales department can give you more details on payment options upon reservation.

The Group Sales Contract outlines the Group Sales policies and procedures. The signed contract must be sent back to us prior to or along with your payment information before we are able to process your payment. If you have requested multiple shows within a season you will need to sign a contract for each show.

If you have submitted a group request and tickets are currently reserved on your account, you may adjust the number of seats as long as you maintain the group minimum. Please note that once payment is made, all sales do become final and you will not be able to subtract any seats though you may add seats on if needed.

General Group Questions

There are no refund or exchanges on group tickets unless the show is postponed or cancelled.

Shows may offer complimentary tickets to large groups. Please contact your Group Sales Department for more details.

Once your final payment has been processed, your tickets will be printed and shipped to the address on your account. Tickets purchased closer to the performance date may need to be held at the box office for will call pick-up. In that case, one individual must pick up all tickets and distribute them to the group. Please notify the Group Sales Department when making your final payment if you have any ticket shipping questions.

We will be happy to assist you with any accessible seating needs. Please inform your group sales manager of such needs when placing your reservation. If you fill out an online order form, please make a note for us in the comments box so we may address your needs.

If tickets are lost or misplaced, please notify the group sales manager immediately for assistance on reissuing the tickets. We cannot assist with reissuing though without exact seat numbers so please keep track of locations when distributing tickets to group members. Once a ticket is reissued with a new barcode, the original ticket will be voided and is no longer valid for entry.

While Broadway Across America has many cities in its network, we are only able to help you with Group Sales in Salt Lake City. However, we’d be happy to put you in touch with our colleagues in other cities so you may book your group tickets. You’ll be sure to get the same great service from our colleagues as you have from us! For a full list of cities in our network, please visit

Website Issues

If you are receiving an error message or having trouble with a group purchase/promo code, please e-mail Chris Schneider for assistance. You may also wish to make sure you’re running Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser as Internet Explorer has been known to cause errors.

If you have forgotten your password, select “Forgot Password” when signing in.

If you have your password but need to change it, enter your email address and current password to log in. At the top of the page, click the arrow next to your name and select “Change Password” from the drop down menu. You may follow the prompts to update your password.

To update your personal information, log into your account and at the top of the page, click the arrow next to your name and select “Your Account” from the drop down menu. From there select “Manage my Personal Profile” and follow the prompts.

APP Instructions

To transfer tickets, click send to a friend and fill out the information

Tickets will be send via email from Please add to your safe sender list.